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Photography Pointers and Resources for Kids

Photography is one of the most fun forms of art that just about anyone can try out, including kids! There are plenty of large, expensive cameras available in stores, but if you’re just getting started, try using a simple disposable camera from the supermarket. If your parents have a small digital camera, you might ask them to borrow it for a little while too. If neither of these options work, don’t worry. You can actually make a very basic camera yourself! One of the reasons photography is so wonderful is that it combines science as well as art to produce incredible images. Everyone has a different reason for shooting photos. Some people do it to capture memories of special events or from their daily lives while others do it to create art. Some professionals even shoot photos to record important data, or to include in magazines and newspapers. The easiest way to shoot a photograph is simply by pointing a camera at a subject and clicking the button. However, there are several things a photographer can do to create a really amazing picture. This includes fine-tuning the composition and lighting, choosing a different angle, and of course, being creative. There is no right or wrong in photography. Everyone has a different viewpoint and their own ideas about what looks good. Feel free to shoot pictures in the way you feel works best and expresses your ideas most accurately.

As you practice, it also helps to learn about photography history. By doing this, we can study famous photographers from the past and learn about what exactly they did to create such successful pictures. Especially in the early days, many of the most famous photographers were not even professionals. They simply jumped right in and started photographing, just like you! Apart from taking pictures, there are several things that we can actually do with those images. Most people might put the pictures in a frame or in a photo album. While these ideas are nice, think about a few others. For example, you might create a large, decorated photo collage as a gift for someone. Or perhaps photos of your family and friends and create a digital slideshow with it. Many stores also allow people to print their photos on T-shirts or pillows. When you go out to photograph, it is normal to sometimes look around and be a little stumped. We all need some inspiration once in a while. Round up a few friends or siblings and go on a photo scavenger hunt! As another idea, challenge each person in the group to photograph one street in the neighborhood in ways that people don’t normally see it. Think about how an ant might view your street compared to a bird. The great thing about photography is that it allows the photographer to show his or her own vision to the entire world. The resources below will get you started on learning how to shoot and use a camera.

Photography Tips

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History of Photography

Photography Projects for Kids