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Poetry Online for Students

Do you have a favorite poem? If you are looking for poems on the Internet or other fun ways to learn poetry, you have come to the right place! Here, you will find the perfect online poetry resource for students of all levels. There are interactive games, audio and video resources, exciting interactive webquests, and more! Explore the following links and increase your enjoyment of poetry.

K-5 Resources

  • Giggle Poems: Do you know that poems can make you laugh? Here, you can read fun poems, rate them, and take part in lots of other fun activities!

  • Poems, Rhymes, and Stories: This site has lots of poems for children, and even has a section just for poems written by kids!

  • The Children’s Poetry Archive: A great place to hear poetry read by the poets who wrote them.

  • Words & Pictures: Here, you will find online activities, audio and animation with poems. Find out about “The Man in the Moon,” “Daisy the Snail,” and more.

  • Magnetic Poetry: Play with this magnetic board to make your own poetry, or you can even unscramble some other poems!

  • Poems & Props: A fun way to read about such fun poems like “GongGong and Susie,” “Lion,” “Mountain Gorilla,” and more.

  • Poetry 4 Kids: A very fun site for kids who want to learn more about poetry, read funny poems, play poetry games, or find rhyming words for their very own poems.

  • Wacky Web Tales: For Grades 3 and above, this page has lots of different 'wacky' fill-in-the-blank poems for kids.

  • Writing Poems: Click here to learn how to write different kinds of poems.

  • Poetry Webquest: Fourth graders will enjoy this webquest that teaches students a lot about poetry.

  • The Real Mother Goose: A large collection of nursery rhymes, with illustrations by Blanche Fisher Wright.

  • Wizards & Pigs: Play this fun computer game to learn more about poetry.

  • Poetry: Choose to listen to (or even read along with) these children's poems.

6-8 Resources

  • Original Magnetic Poetry Kit: Have you ever wanted to create your own poems? Here’s a neat tool to help you along.

  • Acrostic Poems: On this page, you will not only learn about the acrostic poem, but you will also have the chance to write your own!

  • Haiku: If you have ever wondered how to write your own haiku? You can start with this page!

  • Poems & Stories for Kids: Whether you wish to think, laugh, believe, explore, share, or read the poem of the week, there’s something for you here.

  • Abstract Noun Poem: Learn about abstract nouns, and create your own poem about them here.

  • American Tanka: A great place to read some short, interesting poems.

  • AHA Poetry: Resource center on Haiku, Tanka, Renga, and more.

  • Shocked Poetry: Create and view your own themed poems.

  • Connected Thesaurus: An interesting tool for young, aspiring poets.

  • Quiz: Take this short test to find out how much you know about poetry.

  • Music in Poetry: Here’s a good place to read about ballads and blues stanzas.

9-12 Resources

  • Poem-a-Day: 30 activities for 30 days to celebrate National Poetry Month.

  • Rhymer: If you need some help with finding rhyming words, this is the perfect place for you.

  • Poetry Form Finder: On this page, you will find help in creating the sort of poem you want, such as haiku, autobiographical, memory, rhyme, seasonal, and so on.

  • Favorite Poem Project: A celebration of America’s love of poetry, with videos of people reading their favorite poems, and more.

  • Create a Poem: Super resource center by the Library of Congress, to help you create or illustrate your poems with pictures and documents.

  • Dr. Maya Angelou: Watch these videos to find out more about this legendary African American poet.

  • Poetry Online: Here’s a great place where you can listen to poetry readings and interviews with poets.

  • High School Poems: Read such poems as “We Real Cool,” “The Raven,” “The Changing Light,” and more.

  • 101 Best-Loved Poems: A collection of 101 poems written by world-renowned poets.

  • Poetry Hoops: T ry your hand at t his fun poetry-meets-hoops game, and test your understanding of such poems as “We Real Cool” and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

  • Scholarship Poetry Contest: High school poets can take part in this contest to win a scholarship.

  • It’s Only a Poem: A page of poems by students at Naples High School.

  • Cathy’s High School Poems: A series of poems with illustrations.

  • Verse: One of the largest free poetry anthologies on the Internet.

  • Contemporary American Poetry Archive: An online collection of works by various contemporary American poets.

  • Poet’s Corner: One of the most comprehensive poetry resources on the Internet.