QR Codes

Understanding QR Codes: What They Are

In the recent times, you must have come across some disorganized looking image with something that you cannot understand. However, this codes are useful for marketing in one way or the other depending on what you intend to do with them. The QR code is an abbreviation of Quick Response code and is used to access some information on the web. This could either be a web page or even contact information

Getting to understand what a QR code is the first step to understanding the benefits that could come from it. This is a matrix like bar code that also is referred to as a two dimensional code. This is a design that was derived from the automotive industry. Its initial use was to store vehicle chassis information. Today, the QR coded is becoming popular mostly due to it is fast, readability, and as easy of access. With this, you will be able to store an immense amount of information. The code is comprised of some black modules that have been arranged in a square pattern and is placed on a white background. This is also encoded with data with the use of the Kanji symbols and in other times alphanumeric and binary numbers.

The codes were created by a subsidiary of Toyota back in 1994. With this, they could be able to track the vehicles during manufacture. At this time, the coding was not known of its benefits to the corporate as well as to the online industry. Today, this is something that has become popular with many people as well as companies. This is mainly due to ease of use and artistic look.
This code can be decoded with a device that has been made in such a way that it can be translated to information with the internet. The users of the code are known to be from Japan however, some of them also come from European countries such as the UK, Germany and Austria. These are the countries with the largest QR code users.

This is a code that has been standardized by the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility International, (AIM). In addition, it runs on Java platforms such as JIS X 0510. This is becoming popular for its ability in data capture techniques and uses the Bar Code Symbology as a standard way through the ISO/IEC 18004:2000 Information technology. However, this system is no longer used in the development of the QAR code.

In times when there is loss of data, you will be able to correct this easily. This is because you will be able to correct the errors with the use of code words that are mostly 8 bits long. This is successful with the use of Reed-Solomon method to be able to correct the errors. With this, you will be able to have four errors that come in handy for correction. As well, the higher the correction ability the less storage capacity is available for you.

The design of the Reed-Solomon codes has an individual code block and will not be more than 255 code words long. With this, you might need to break down the data into blocks so that it is possible for you to be able to succeed. This is because you might need to have some more information than what you need. You need to know that the QR specifies that you cannot be able to make a correction of more than 15 errors on one block. This is the reason using more blocks has its advantages. The process of making the QR codes involves interweaving the blocks together. With this, you will be successful in being able to make error corrections more easily. This is because the algorithm used does not interfere with the other one that has been used within the other block. This is to reduce overwhelming on one block too much.

With this, you will be able to enjoy what comes with being able to go for error correction. The advantages of this are to be able to develop some of the most artistic codes that can be able to scan correctly and without any errors. This kind of thing is attractive to the human eye and could as well be customized in a way that they incorporate the use of corporate colors as well as logos, names and other features that could make a specific attraction.